Nighthawks Open Institutional Repository

The Nighthawks Open Institutional Repository is a central exchange for scholarship and creative work contributed by the students, faculty and staff of the university with the goal of expanding the visibility of the university to the regional and global community. University community members are encouraged to contribute works such as articles and books, journals, presentations, conference proceedings, creative activities, media, theses, and archival records of the university. The Nighthawks Open Institutional Repository is a university-wide initiative managed by the University Libraries.

The materials are used and submitted within an Open Access framework. Within this structure, author(s) are solely responsible for the material they produce and deposit. The Nighthawks Open Institutional Repository is designed for educational and research purposes only. No payment is made for the material submitted for publication and reference on the site. UNG Libraries accepts no responsibility for misuse of the site.

UNG Libraries follows the US Copyright Office’s directive to put forth good faith effort to trace heirs and entitled parties for orphan works, items that are copyright protected for which rightsholders are indeterminate or have no listed contact information. In some cases, UNG Libraries are unable to contact the entitled parties and therefore cannot reach an agreement on the use of the digital text or image.

Although the author(s) are responsible for the works deposited in the Nighthawks Open Institutional Repository, if you are a rights holder and are concerned that you have found material on NOIR for which you have not provided permission or is not covered by a statutory permitted act please contact the repository administrator and share your contact information, a statement that you are a rights holder or are the authorized representative of the rights holder, and the exact and full URL where you found the material.

(Pending review, 2015.)