I’ve always been a lover of the arts—anything that gets messy and I get to have fun doing. I have ruined many clothes in the pursuit of a new experiment.

I don’t stick with just one medium because I get bored, but visually, I’ve done textiles, pottery, oils, acrylics, poured paintings, photography and simple drawing. Anything with color and movement is my favorite.

I’m also addicted to YouTube artists and painting and stenciling the walls in my house frequently. My husband is a very patient man. I usually find it best to surprise him. He loves those.

I took a pottery class in college, but I never did anything else with art until about 10 years ago when I needed a creative outlet. I’m inspired by anything that touches my soul—and is eye candy. My greatest regret with art is that I can’t quite capture on canvas what I see in my head.

I work at the Blue Ridge campus of UNG as an English instructor, so it’s easy to say I’m surrounded by pen artists, too. No matter what, in the classroom or at home, I always teach my students to find their passions and have fun with them.


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Jodi Williams

Parting the Red Sea

Jodi Williams