Surveillance, Bodies, and Power in the Millennium Trilogy

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film, literature, surveillance, body, gaze


Jeff Marker earned his doctorate from the University of Georgia in Comparative Literature, which allowed him to focus on critical theory, film studies, and literary studies, as well as the many intersections among those fields of study. He has been published in the Journal of Popular Culture and Literature/Film Quarterly and has presented research at a number of national and international conferences. In recent years his scholarship has focused on surveillance in the arts. He has also pursued creative interests by acting on stage and on camera, and writing/directing several music videos. He is in his twelfth year at UNG and his fifth as head of CMJ.

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Associate Professor of Film and Head of Communication, Media & Journalism Department

College of Arts & Letters, Communication, Media & Journalism Department

Primary campus: Gainesville

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Surveillance, Bodies, and Power in the Millennium Trilogy