The article probes Graham Greene’s world-wide activities as a “gentleman spy” working under cover for MI6 during the Cold War. It presents new information and gives original historical and personal context for understanding his activities. There is a comprehensive discussion of Greene’s visit to Israel which has not heretofore been seen as a locale of his espionage,based on new historical research and an interview by the author with one of Greene’s contacts. The text regarding Poland presents newly discovered material found by Greene’s bibliographers in the archives.


Frances Peltz Assa studied law at the University of Wisconsin and holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago. After retiring from a career as a Federal civil rights lawyer, she began research into the lives and works of various twentieth century novelists and writers, especially Graham Greene, Vladimir Nabokov, H.G. Wells, and critic Edmund Wilson. She has published a number of articles on the works of Nabokov, and has presented papers on Greene and Wells.