General Information

We seek abstracts of no more than 300 words describing your research and/or creative activity. All abstracts should be submitted through the Digital Commons portal here. The deadline to submit abstracts has been extended to September 27, 2019 at midnight.

On the whole, abstracts should clearly explain the project’s purpose, offer an overview of the scholarly context of the project, include any methodological approaches used, and discuss the outcomes of the project. GURC also welcomes in-process projects that may not be completely finalized by the conference. Strong abstracts will make a clear case for the significance or relevance of the project to the larger field of inquiry. You may include references, but they are not required.

Abstracts should be well-written, well-organized, and adhere to the standards of academic writing. Please be sure to proofread carefully as selected abstracts will be posted online. Note: Abstracts for the visual arts may also upload an image of their artwork under the “additional files” tab. Abstracts for the performing arts may also upload a video under the “additional files” tab. These additional files are not required; an abstract will suffice.

Each presentation room will be equipped with a computer, internet, wifi, and an overhead projector.


GURC offers several awards for outstanding undergraduate research based on pre-submitted full works. Note that while an abstract is sufficient for submission for the conference, to be eligible for an award, you must also submit a full copy of your poster, presentation, essay, visual work, or performance to Digital Commons by September 27, 2019 at midnight. Please upload your final award submission under the “Additional Files” tab.

Submissions Guidelines

All abstracts should be submitted via Digital Commons. (You will need to create a free account on Digital Commons if you do not already have one.) To submit, make sure you have the following information:

  • Name and email address for each author
  • Name and email address of faculty mentor
  • Presentation type: oral, poster, visual arts, performing arts
  • Field of Study
  • Completed posters, presentations, papers, or art work are required to be uploaded by September 27, 2019 for awards consideration.

Each abstract will be reviewed for acceptance prior to the conference.

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