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Utilizing a survey of 244 members of same-sex couples, this study tested whether inequities in the division of housework in same-sex couples can be explained by (1) gender performance, (2) time availability, and/or (3) relative resources. Gender performance was adapted using measures of stereotypical masculinity and femininity, testing whether outmoded notions of gender would be of utility in explaining housework contributions. Stereotypical femininity was positively related to total and “routine” housework, but not to “discretionary” housework, lending partial support to the gender display explanation. Stereotypical masculinity, however, was not significantly related to any housework measure. Proportional work hours were inversely related to proportional housework, supporting the time availability explanation. Proportional income was not significantly related to housework, suggesting that members of gay and lesbian couples do not use a higher income to “buy” their way out of housework participation.