Volume 13, Issue 1 (2020)

Editors Letter



Keeping the Promise of Community-Based Participatory Research: Integrating Applied Critical Rhetorical Methods to Amplify the Community’s Voice for Trial Development
Richard A. Mocarski, Joshua C. Eyer, Debra A. Hope, Heather M. Meyer, Natalie R. Holt, Sim Butler, and Nathan Woodruff


Learning and Doing Together: Student Outcomes from an Interdisciplinary, Community-Based Research Course on Homelessness in a Local Community
Mariah Kornbluh, Jennifer Wilking, Susan Roll, Lindsay Banks, Haley Stone, and Jessica Candela


Telling Our Stories Together: How Universities and Community Partners Co-create Engaged Scholarship
Taylor Armer, Katelyn McCoy, Bethany Verrett, Alexandra Williams, Kristin Menson, and Marybeth Lima

Research From the Field


Training Patient Stakeholders Builds Community Capacity, Enhances Patient Engagement in Research
Hannah Cole McGrew, Lidia Regino, Molly Bleecker, Maria Tellez, Blanca Pedigo, Denisse Guerrero, Virginia Sandoval, Loida Varela, and Janet Page-Reeves

Student Voices


A Dental Student Perspective on the Impacts of an Inter-professional Engagement Module
Ahmed Ahmed, Naa-Lamiley Bannerman, Martha Paisi, Robert Witton, and Ruth Potterton

Book Reviews

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