Volume 7, Issue 1 (2014)

Editorial Letters and Commentary



Collaborative Action Inquiry: A Tool for, and Result of, Parent Learning and Leadership
Paige M. Bray, Joan Pedro, Erin M. Kenney, and Mary Gannotti


A Cost Benefit Analysis from Instructor, Community Partner, and Student Perspectives: Cabrini College CBR Courses Merge Service, Education, and Research
David Dunbar, Caroline Nielsen, Nancy Watterson, Janice Xu, Melissa Terlecki, Jenna Cardone, Lisa Ratmansky, Christina Medved, Susan Gill, and Owen Owens


Using Co-Inquiry to Study Co-Inquiry: Community-University Perspectives on Research
Sarah Banks, Andrea Armstrong, Mark Booth, Greg Brown, Kathleen Carter, Maurice Clarkson, Lynne Corner, Audley Genus, Rose Gilroy, Tom Henfrey, Kate Hudson, Anna Jenner, Robert Moss, Dermot Roddy, and Andrew Russell


Leveraging a Community-Based Research Approach to Explore Research Perceptions Among Suburban Poor and Underserved Populations
Melissa A. Simon, Daiva M. Ragas, Colin Willis, Nadia Hajjar, XinQi Dong, and Kara Murphy

Community Perspective

Student Voices

Book Reviews

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