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A Quilling of Las Meninas

Luke Schofield

Huichol Flower Earrings

Anna Martin

Indalo Camino

William Stevens

Ox Cross Stitch

Hannah Quach

Papercutting: 牛郎 织女

Brisny Rodriguez Flores

Posavasos de los dioses aztecas

Yarixa Oakes

Quilled Earrings

Anna Belle Isaacs

Quilling as a Tehuana

Luke Schofield

Seed Bead Braclet

Alyssa Lechelt

Spanish 2 UNG language day project: poncho

Madilynn Poff

The Five Most Populous Countries that use Spanish as the Official Language

Calea Law

The Flag of Mexico

Marcus Remillard, Lumpkin County High School
Apel Beani, Lumpkin County High School

The Skull

Lily Horne, Lumpkin County High School

Una mascarilla multicultural

Megan Jennings, North Hall High School