20th Annual Research Conference, 2015

The University of North Georgia's Annual Research Conference will be held March 30-April 2, 2015. On March 30 and 31, the conference will held on the Dahlonega campus in the Library, rooms 163, 382, and 369 (full schedule forthcoming). The Gainesville campus will host the conference on April 1 in the Robinson Ballroom, and the Oconee campus will host it on April 2 in SRC 522.

Please note our keynote speaker, Dr. Joseph Oppong, will present an address on undergraduate research and medical geography on all three campuses as follows: March 31 (Dahlonega) at 2:30 in LTC 382; April 1 (Gainesville) at 1:30 in Robinson Ballroom; April 2 (Oconee) at 11:00 am in SRC 522. Refreshments will be provided at each

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Dahlonega Master Schedule
Library Technology Center Third Floor Open Area
Library Technology Center room 382
Library Technology Center room 369
Library Technology Center room 163
Gainesville Master Schedule
Robinson Ballroom A
Robinson Ballroom B
Oconee Master Schedule
Poster Sessions