25th Annual Research Conference, 2020

SPECIAL UPDATE: To honor and celebrate the hard work you put into preparing for the Annual Research Conference, we have decided to host the conference ONLINE April 17, 2020!

If you were previously accepted to present at the 25th ARC (originally scheduled for March 13) please fill out this survey to let us know if you can participate and if your originally scheduled hour still works for you.

In addition, students originally scheduled to present at another (now cancelled) conference may also present at ARC! If you are interested in presenting at the 25th ARC hosted ONLINE on April 17, 2020, please indicate your interest.

The University of North Georgia's 25th Annual Research Conference will take place online on April 17, 2020. This year, all five campuses will convene ONLINE for a showcase of student research from around 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

This year, our oral presentations will be presented synchronously online (more information forthcoming). We will showcase student artwork and poster sessions mostly asynchronously on Digital Commons by opening commenting functions and uploading brief 3-5 minute poster presentations.

We look forward to celebrating your research with you! If you cannot join, or if you have another conference that was cancelled, we also encourage you to check out APA’s approach to including cancelled conferences on your resume/CV.

Original Call for Proposals

ARC invites student research presentations, posters, and creative activities from across the disciplines. Specific guidelines for each type of presentation are listed below. We are looking for interesting, innovative, and thought-provoking research and creative projects.

We also welcome panel proposals, where students suggest an entire panel of linked presentations. Students should submit individual abstracts and add a note in the “Note to Conference Administrators” to let us know they are a panel. We also accept presentations on proposed work (theoretical research yet to be completed).

All proposals will be reviewed by a cross-disciplinary panel of judges.

Oral, Performance and Visual Arts Presentations
Students may submit in the following categories
(Refer to Submission Guidelines on Left Panel for more details)

  • Oral Presentations and Visual Performances-Oral presentations and performances will be hosted synchronously; we will use Zoom (most likely) to allow students to present from their homes at the same hour originally scheduled a few weeks ago. So, if you were scheduled for a 9 am presentation on March 13, you would be scheduled to log into Zoom and present at 9 am on April 17.
  • Poster-Posters will be hosted through a mostly asynchronous virtual poster session, where presenters will upload a video of their 3-5 minute poster pitch along with their research poster (upload by 4/15). We will enable comments for the poster to mimic the questions you might get in a poster session. Because of the sheer number of posters, we will keep the comments open for a week or so to allow feedback, discussion, etc., though we do encourage you to be online for questions during the hour originally scheduled (noon to one pm). More info and a tutorial on how to record the video coming soon.

Required documentation for Arts and Musical Submissions

Visual Arts presentations must:

  • upload a digital file demonstrating their proposed work.
  • include your logistical needs (chairs, stands, microphone, etc.).

Musical performances must:

  • include a 4-6 minute audio or video recording of the performance of the individual or group. This can be a recording of a rehearsal or performance to demonstrate the group’s ability.
  • Submissions can include one or multiple works. Performances will be limited to 8-10 minutes.
  • Please include your logistical needs (chairs, stands, microphone, etc.).
  • If you have any questions at all, please contact CURCA

    Also, please see UNG Annual Research Conference page for more information regarding the conference. The final schedule of events will also update here.

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