25th Annual Research Conference, 2020 (Virtual)

SPECIAL UPDATE: To honor and celebrate the hard work you put into preparing for the Annual Research Conference, we have decided to host the conference ONLINE April 17, 2020!

Please scroll down to "Browse the Contents of the 25th Annual Research Conference" to see the FULL SCHEDULE.

Oral panel presentations will be live at the time listed below. To join a live oral panel presentation, please click on the link marked "VMR" next to each Oral presentation, and enter the Guest Pin when asked. Please click here for Visual Huddle Meetings Instructions.

Should we need it, IT has also set up two overflow rooms for Oral presentations. (Note that overflow rooms are for viewing only and will not allow for interaction):

The Poster Session presentations are prerecorded with an option for chat. To view poster presentations click on each individual poster's title and then click play on the uploaded video. Scroll down to leave questions/comments for presenters. Note: Many presenters will be online from noon to 1pm to answer questions. However, we will also keep the comments open for a week to allow feedback, discussion, etc.

Please contact CURCA with any questions.

Notes to Presenters:

Poster presenters should email a 3-5 minute video of their poster pitch along with their research poster to CURCA@ung.edu by 4/15. There are two methods to do this: you can narrate the PPT slide version of your poster OR you can record yourself in front of your poster/computer. Additional information below:

Completed videos/PowerPoints should be sent to CURCA@ung.edu by April 15 so we can upload them

Oral presentations and performances will be hosted synchronously; we will use Visual Huddle (through UNG) to allow students to present from off campus. Please log into your visual huddle at least ten minutes in advance of your scheduled presentation. You can find the link to your visual huddle in the "location" tab of your presentation.

If you have any questions at all, please contact CURCA

Also, please see UNG Annual Research Conference page for more information regarding the conference. The final PDF schedule of events will also updated here.
Visual Huddle Meetings Instructions.

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