26th Annual Research Conference, 2021 (Virtual)

The University of North Georgia's 26th Annual Research Conference will be virtual and take place on Friday, March 26, 2021. This year we will hold both a prerecorded poster exhibit and a virtual oral presentation via Zoom for all five campuses from around 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The noon poster session takes place here, on digital commons. Please scroll to "poster session" below to see pre-recorded posters and chat with presenters through our chat feature

Register to Attend the Oral Presentations here

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    Please click MASTER SCHEDULE below for the complete program.

Oral Panel Presentations will be live on Zoom at the times listed below (link to register above). Once you join the Zoom meeting, you will navigate to the breakout room for the panel you would like to see. IT will be on hand for any questions.

The Poster Session presentations are pre-recorded with an option for chat. To view poster presentations click on each individual poster's title and then click play on the uploaded video. Scroll down to leave questions/comments for presenters. Note: Many presenters will be online from noon to 1pm to answer questions. However, we will also keep the comments open for a week to allow feedback, discussion, etc.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2021 Annual Research Conference awardees:

    Best Overall Presentation

Lesley Jones, “Romanticizing the Orient: Colonial India and its Influence on Victorian Spiritualism” (Mentor, Dr. Alex Wisnoski)

    Runner Up – Best Overall Presentation

Wesley Rhinehart, “Skeletal variation in Didelphis virginiana” (Mentors, Dr. Erin Barding and Dr. David Patterson)

    First Place Poster Submission:

Kathryn Monheim, “The Effects of Changing Electron Withdrawing Groups to Shift the Maximum Absorption Wavelengths” (Mentor, Dr. Jeremy Olson)

    First Place Oral Presentation Submission:

Colton Glaze, “Borders and Identity in Bless me, Ultima (1972)” (Mentor, Dr. Joshua Martin)

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