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Landscape Series

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The series of artworks are called Landscape Series. As medium, it incorporates a concept of collage that different figures and shapes constitute an artwork. Each artwork of the series exploits different images of sceneries and composite it with different shapes. Aesthetic and sublime aspects of landscape have inspired numerous artists over centuries. The series intentionally uses images to bring the aspects of landscape to each artwork. The series relates to the theme “The Scientific Method” in a philosophical way. As civilization progress, people often and easily alter or ruin the nature for convenience. Accordingly, it is hard to notice the grandeur of nature. Similarly, the series distorts images different sceneries to composite artworks. In addition, as the century of digital transformation, all the artworks are composited by computer.

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I was born in South Korea. After graduating from elementary school, I moved to the United States to experience different cultures and ideas. I earned an Associate’s degree in business and change my major to studio arts in 2016.


Young Lee 2017

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