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The advancement of technology has brought upon a great many things: wonder, efficiency, mass production, different forms of communication, and an easier way of life. However, it has also caused fear and anxiety about how technology will shape the future and human life to come. Will we become more adaptable with it or become consumed by it? Dehumanization has become a great concern for a lot of people who are growing along with the exponentially-rising digital landscape.

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Jada Weaver received her B.S. in Art Marketing from the University of North Georgia at Dahlonega in 2017 with a concentration in Graphic Design and Digital Illustration. Her work is a commentary on dehumanization, trans-humanism, and our struggle with technology and industry. Her work often features cyborgs, androids, and imagery that depicts enhanced human performance through machinery. Working digitally helps Weaver convey these themes as she continues to grow as an artist and in her professional career as a graphic designer.