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64 pages. Editor: Sheila Casper. Art Editor: Beth Baltes. Computer Operations: Blake Wilkie. Editorial staff: Andrea Blachly, Elsie nelson, Pam Niles, Jason Rimeik. Faculty Advisors: Brad Strickland and Robert Westervelt. Cover: Diane Wheeler.

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Gainesville College Humanities Division


Gainesville, GA


creative arts magazine, essays, poetry, photography, art


Arts and Humanities


Contributors, Prose: John Bailey, Kevin Dodds, Emily Duncan, Jason Rimeik, Brad Strickland. Contributors, Drama: Claire Porter. Contributors, Art: Beth Baltes, Sandra Butler, Gloria Kirby, David Lester, Richie McDowell, Bobby Nash, Leslie Ogino, Joey Quillian, Brenda Smith, Tuff Stephens, Wayne Vinson, Joanna Wallington, Suzanne Watkins, Lee Wells, Robert Westervelt, Diane Wheeler, and Blake Wilkie. Contributors, Poetry: Scott Bagwell, Andrea Blachly, William D. Brown, Sheila Casper, Kevin D. Dodds, Emily Duncan, Ally Eidson, Garry Ke’Merritt, Joanne Martin, Elsie Nelson, Katherine S. O’Neill, Claire Porter, Jason Rimeik, Lisa Roberts, Shannon Roberts, Sally Russell, Barbara T., Dennis Tinsley, Devre Day Turner, Sallee Jo Wade, Ian E. Whitlaw, and Butch Wilkie.


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Perceptions, 1991