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Full Program
University of North Georgia


Opening Reception
University of North Georgia


What's Next? Preparing for Publication
Leigh Dillard, Allison Galloup, and Anastasia Lin


Imaging the Subsurface: The Effect of Logjams on Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange
Teodora Mitroi, Megan Doughty, Jackie Randall, and Kamini Singha


34 - Using Atomic Force Microscopy to Image Metal Sulfide Nanoparticles
Martin Driggers, Tatiana Mendoza, and George Chumanov


25 - Identification of Scn1a, Scn2a, and Scn8a in Mammalian Sexual Structures
Garis A. Grant, Rhea A. Thoma, and Stacey BB Dutton

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