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Creation Date

Spring 2012


Free-motion machine embroidery (thread painting) and photography combine to create a realistic scene using cotton canvas and thread.

Working in textiles is my passion. I love the tactile quality, the luscious colors and the traditional aspect of cloth and thread. I'm enchanted by the feel of fabric and thread in my hands. The process is continually exciting and satisfying, so time flies by while I stitch at my sewing machine. Making art is part of me and working creatively makes my heart sing. I'm inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature. Trees, fields, wildflowers and vines often find their way into my work. I'm drawn to structures such as old barns, stone fences and old homes because they exude character and history. The simplicity of these scenes gives me a feeling of contentment and peace. My hope is that people take as much pleasure in viewing my work as I do in creating it.


Copyright: Chris Harwell


Hal B. Rhodes III Exhibit 2012, free-motion machine embroidery, fiber art, thread painting, barns, windows


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