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You Are My Flower


In a world full of diverse cultures, life experiences, and tragedy, children often fall through the cracks. You Are My Flower is a short children’s picture book about a little Hawaiian girl scouting for flowers to give to her mother after an unknown tragedy. You will find that it addresses the deaf community, the single mother, belonging, and most of all love.

As adults, often times we forget what it meant, looked, and felt like to be a child over time. Through vibrant illustrations, I convey the impact parents can potentially have on their daughters as they begin to discover the meaning of beauty, strength, and belonging. The book is also about what it means to be loved and to be more than enough. My hope is that this story can bring you and your children together as they learn a little about the Hawaiian culture, the power of love, and the bonds of family.

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Mixed media children's book


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