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For most of my art career, various aspects of the ocean have inspired and motivated me, which I portray through ceramic sculptural forms. We are currently faced with a massive water pollution problem and I want to use this as a platform to not only educate others, but offer insight as well. The ocean is being consumed by trash every day and unwanted objects are strangling the many plants and animals that call the ocean home. One big issue that the ocean is faced with is the bleaching of the coral reef, due to things such as oil spills, overfishing, and pollution from trash. I want to portray this imagery by creating different aspects of ocean life with clay by having pieces of trash intertwine with my sculptures, reflecting the pollution take over. I achieve this by forming slabs with clay and rolling them into a tube form. I then use a tool with a pointed end to stipple the surface. I have researched several types of coral in the ocean and chose different types that I decided would be most suitable for conveying my idea. These species don’t have a voice and I believe that by having these creatures viewed in this restrained way, it will offer awareness for this matter.

Physical Medium

Stoneware, Underglaze, Found objects


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Spring 2019

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ceramics, ocean, pollution, coral, plastic


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