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A story is an account of events that can be imaginary or true. Whether fictitious or not, stories are what connect all living beings to the past, present and to each other.

Encountering stories that provoke an emotional reaction have, in turn, motivated me to use my work as a vehicle for lesser represented narratives. In my body of work I desire to enlighten the average viewer on issues of environmental decline, social inequality, and overall life through animated tales. The emotional impact of my work is meant to inspire change throughout one’s life. Whether that change be large or small, I want the purpose of each story I tell to cling to the mind of any viewer.

Rimba is a 3D animated short film that follows a young orangutan’s day in the Indonesian jungle as he realizes the environment around him is being destroyed for the collection of palm oil. Palm oil is a versatile oil used in cosmetics, as a frying agent, and in pre-packaged food around the world. Since the 90s, the production of palm oil has increased by 600 percent and largely affects the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia, which house endangered species with populations under 3,000. Although the palm oil industry benefits the global economy, the resulting deforestation and inevitable destruction of endangered species is a global concern.

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3D Animation


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Spring 2021

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3D Animation, Digital Art, Short Film